The Society’s mission is to educate the public about the history of Snyder County; to collect, preserve and maintain historical artifacts and documents detailing this history; to sponsor programs and provide museum displays describing this history; and to facilitate genealogical and historical research into individuals, institutions and events making up this history.

Incorporated in 1898, the Society purchased its current quarters in 1976, renovated and moved into the building in 1981 and enlarged and renovated it in 2001. Located at 30 East Market Street in Middleburg, PA, near the Snyder County Courthouse, the Society’s building has a library housing a variety of primary and secondary documents; two large rooms with museum displays, one permanent the other changing; a room detailing the history of the Civil War; and a Conference Room memorializing President Theodore Roosevelt. In addition, the Society maintains the Memorial Building in Middleburg, honoring Snyder Countians who have served in the nation’s several wars, and a log cabin.

The Society is governed by an Executive Committee of twelve individuals, elected annually; all are volunteers. The Society presents four programs during the year on various topics, the majority of which are about the history of Snyder County, presents museum programs during the summer months and publishes an annual Bulletin which summarizes the presentations and Society business.